Hello hello,
Thanksgiving break is here!
Well actually, I’m supposed to have one class tomorrow but my prof practically gave us permission to skip soooo… 😉

I drove home to good ole Magnolia today! I’ve already gotten to see some long lost friends and I’m so happy about it ❤



Ain’t Abbi a beaut? We talked about boys while we drank hot chocolate and then we talked about how old we’re all getting… We met in 6th grade. Almost 10 years ago! What!

Anyway, I’m looking forward to sleeping, running a race on Thanksgiving morning, and then stuffing my face with delicious food.

I have to be back in ATX by Friday afternoon for work, but I don’t mind! Next week is the last week of school and then finals. So I can’t afford to let myself go too much during the break!

You guys seriously have no idea how excited I am for mashed potatoes. SO EXCITED.

I’m feeling like I’m going to take advantage of all this extra time for relaxation and head to sleep pretty soon. I’m a grandma.


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