What Calm Feels Like

Today has been very mellow. I like it and hate it a lot.

After going and going and going all semester, it feels weird to not do anything. I’m babysitting tonight, but other than that I’ve had no school to study for, no work at da Bean, and it’s a rest day…

I’ve cleaned my room (an end-of-semester) tradition, burned some candles, ordered some Christmas presents, made lunch, took a nap, and just straight up chilled.

I leave for Portland on Monday night and I plan to do as much as possible while I’m there, so I guess just chilling is good for now!

Nonetheless, I really want to do stuff, but at the same time I feel too lazy to do anything. Ya feel my pain?! I don’t want to go out and about, but if someone came over and laid on my floor with me and played cards or talked about life that’d be great!

I’m going to enjoy the calm as much as I possibly can before my winter class begins on Monday. The spring semester should be VERY busy and I’m looking forward to that!



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