Coffee Time

Hello! The other day I said I’d post a Virtual Coffee Date… It didn’t happen. Probably because I’ve been falling asleep by 10:30 all week.

However, I have an hour and a half until my next class (Spanish from 4-6)! Sooooo…

If we were having a coffee date…

I’d tell you: That I’m obsessed with this creamer. It’s life changing.


I’d tell you: That I ran in the cold rain today and it felt awesome. It was a 4 miler and my shoes got soaked and I was freezing, but it just felt right. My marathon is in a little over 3 weeks and I am SO EXCITED. This weekend is a 23 miler and next weekend will probably be 20 and then I taper…

I’d tell you: That I’m actually resisting the urge to buy a cup of coffee… It’d be my third of the day. The thing is, I’m going to be on campus until 8:30 and this weather just makes me so very sleepy.

I’d tell you: That I’m really enjoying my classes so far. It’s going to be a tonnnnn of work, so I’m going to try to make it a point to be VERY organized this semester. I’m definitely NOT enjoying paying so much money for all these textbooks and such but ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

I’d tell you: That I’m now an intern at the Texas Capitol for Rep. Burns! I just started but I am very excited. I have class right after I leave the office, so at least I’ll be looking nice!

I’d tell you: That tomorrow I have off work and I’m looking forward to chilling!

I’d tell you: That telling people about my major is my favorite thing of all time. When someone asks me what it is I get REALLY excited to tell them!

I’d tell you: That this rain needs to go. Honestly I’m glad for it, but I really want the sun back! I want to be able to ride my bike to school comfortably.

I’d tell you: That I’m craving Chipotle. As always. 😉

What would you tell me?


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