hello from bus.

Good morning!

I’ve got a very long day ahead of me so I just wanted to pop in and say hey.

I have:
9-10: food science
10-11: gap (finish assignments)
11-2: food science lab
2-3: stats
3-4: gap (finish assignments)
4-6: español!
6-7: team track workout

And then I get to go home, do some homework, put my clothes away, and finally go to sleep.

I’m currently drinking coffee on the bus but I can just about guarantee it won’t be the only cup of the day.

My whole body is so so so sore from team strength training last night. It was purely body weight but Jo (the trainer) is so focused on form and stability that it ended up being really intense.

Wish me luck that I don’t fall asleep in class today!

Happy Wednesday!

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