Happy Tuesday! I’m actually about 98% sure that I’m sick, but the day is still good! What can go wrong when you have caramel flavored coffee by your side? This week is my first round of midterms, so I’ve got lots to do and being sick surely isn’t helping. Nonetheless, I’ll just keep eating good food and getting lots of sleep and clinging on to that 2% of denial.



not fun.

Hey and happy Sunday!

Hopefully everyone’s Sunday is going better than mine! Not to say that mine has been bad, but it’s just been sort of ehhhh.

I was at work from 8-4 which wasn’t bad but exhausting. However, while I was there, I did officially decide to go to Nationals and I bought my plane ticket and everything! Anyway, I was going strong until around 12 and then I just got tired. Caffeine can only do so much.

Also, this weather is not my favorite. It’s cold and gray and a little rainy. I like the sun. A lot.

I told myself that I would go to Gregory to get some homework done and workout. When I walked outside to go to my car, the cold immediately made my IT band hurt in my hip and my knee. It still hurts and is frustrating me greatly. Nonetheless, now I’m here about to do some statistics and then pump some iron.

Hopefully that’ll help relieve some of my frustration.

This post is pretty lame, but not all days are perfect!

Here’s to hoping my Sunday improves before I go to sleep!



two weeks.

I went to the sports doc about my leg to get a formal opinion and I’ve been strictly told two weeks of no running.

Wish me luck with that. I’m going to need a house arrest monitor for my ankle. 😉

Anyway, you better believe that the second I’m free to run I’m going after that 26.2. I’m full of good ideas.


Not to mention, my homeboi/favorite ultrarunner/athlete as a whole HELPED CREATE THEM.

Scott Jurek. You are seriously the bomb dot com.

pizza um

I really want to try the sweet potato flavor.

I have a few food addictions: bananas, peanut butter, hummus, kale, and sweet potatoes. And grapes are slowly creeping their way onto the list.

Around mile 14 of long runs, I always craved real food. And now I can have that! From a pouch!

It seriously makes me so excited and I can’t wait to try them… In two weeks!


Today I’ve been thinking about road tripping.

I really want to get away. I want to watch the landscape speed past. I want to roll down the windows and let my hair whip in the wind. I want to worry about making it to the next gas station.

I want to see things that are bigger than I am. I want to be stunned by the enormity of a tree or waterfall or rock formation.

I want to turn my phone off for a week.

I want to feel the sun on my skin. I want pictures to be ruined by sun glare.

I want to cross into new time zones. I want to try terrible coffee. (Erica will totally get that.)

I want to stumble upon awesome towns. I want to get bored of the same stretch of highway for 300 miles.

I want to appreciate a bed after being in a car for so long. I want to camp under the stars.

I want to throw my head back and laugh. I want to dance on the side of the road.

I want to kayak and swim and fly and ride and cliff dive.

I want to get lost.

I want to take candid pictures.

One of my favorite feelings is being in a moment and realizing “this is it.” This is the type of moment you’ll look back at one day and cherish and long for. And it’s happening now.

It takes my breath away.

Life is good.


“Only light can do that.”

Today I was supposed to run the Austin Marathon. All 26.2 miles of it.


But I didn’t.

Remember a couple weeks ago when I wrote about my IT Band giving me grief? Well, it never fully healed.

I started the morning really pumped and totally ready. After all, I trained hard for this and physically and mentally was in shape to do it.


Around mile 8, I felt a pain in my hip/butt more severe than anything I had felt before. It immediately had me in a limp/hobble. I panicked immediately but decided to remain as calm as I could.

At mile 10 my leg seized up to the point that I couldn’t extend it fully to touch the ground and I thought I was going to fall a few times. I moved to the side of the path, put my head in my hands, and cried. I cried out of pain and fear.

The Austin Marathon is known for being very hilly, but I looked forward to the hills because I was in the least amount of pain going up them. I had zero muscle fatigue and felt great, but my IT pain was so overbearing. The more I ran, the more it hurt and felt like I needed to stop. But when I did stop, even to tie my shoe, the pain would be worse when I started up again. It was a vicious cycle that I couldn’t escape.

At mile 16 I actually thought to myself “I only have ten more miles of this hurt!” Let me tell you, when a thought like that runs through your head, you ow you’re in a messed up situation.

I kept telling myself to stay positive and to focus on good things. “Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that.”

My gait started to seriously suffer because I was overcompensating on my other leg and that’s never a good thing.

At mile 17.5 or so, a paramedic on a motorcycle came up to me and my mom (she was walking by me at this point) because he noticed that I looked like a wounded animal (that’s my guess). He stopped me and asked what was going on. I explained that it was just my IT being tight and that I could finish the last 9 miles.

Unfortunately, he (as well as many other people) didn’t think that’d be a good idea. If you don’t let it heal, ITBS can become chronic and can sideline a runner for months. Of course I didn’t want that, but I also didn’t want to leave the race. The paramedic spoke with finality and followed my mom and I until we were off the course and walking to her car.

And I cried.

Not only from pain, but because running is my thing. The worst part is that if it hadn’t been for this stupid band in my leg, I would’ve crushed this race. I was ready to negative split.

But you know, life doesn’t work that way. I trained for months and months and it just didn’t work out.

I don’t run because everyone else does, I don’t run because it’s good for you, I don’t run because I want to win anything.

I run because I really and truly love to. I run because it actually brings me joy.

Today has been hard because I’ve kind of had that stripped away from me. It sucks to work so hard for something that you don’t get to achieve.


Let me tell you something though, I may be down, but I am not out. Not from running. Not from training. Not from life.

We have options in this world believe it or not. Sometimes IT bands bring you to your knees in tears and pain. Today I learned how to get back up.

Today was not a failure. It was not a loss. It was a victory. I walked away from that race a better person than when I started it. It’s not the mileage that’s important. It’s not the medal that counts. Did I want those things? Absolutely.

But another reason that I love running is because it teaches you so many lessons, even if you don’t realize it.

Today I pushed through 10 miles of extreme suffering. 10 miles. And not once did I allow myself to believe I would fail. It took a medical professional to get me off that course.

Running taught me how to fight. It taught me how to keep on going.

And I’ll utilize that lesson until the day I die.

I’m going to let my leg heal and rest, but the next time I step outside to run… It’s going down. Don’t doubt that for a second. (This Is War by 30 Seconds to Mars came on as I wrote that and it was pretty awesome.)



P.S. With all that being said, I’d still be down for a bunch of hugs.
P.P.S. (Or P.S.S.?) Afterwards, I went to Chipotle with my family and it helped ease my woes. (Miss you, Sabrina and Mathew!)


Marathon Wednesday

Good morning!

I’m sitting in good ole Greg last minute studying for my exam at 9. Honestly, it should be insanely easy, but it’s the first test so YOU NEVER KNOW!

Wednesdays are my longest day of the week, but I’m ready.

Guys, MY MARATHON IS THIS SUNDAY! My IT band seems to be doing just fine and I’m finally running again tonight! Holllllaaaaaaaa.

I’ve been getting lots of sleep and eating lots of food and my energy levels are through the roof, so I’m expecting a really good time!

Alright alright, I really ought to finish reading through my notes again, but…


P.S. Here’s something that made me laugh pretty hard:



Sometimes you wake up to an email that your 9 am is cancelled, so you lounge around in bed for a while, make a grilled banana sandwich, pour yourself some coffee, and decide to write a blog post…

My next class isn’t until 2 and today’s a rest day, so I’ll be getting some studying done before then. But seeing that it’s only 7:50 am still, I’m going to keep chilling…

Okay, for real, I was about a third way into writing this post when I decided I just didn’t want to anymore.

I don’t like to write when words aren’t just flowing. I also don’t like to waste people’s time. So instead of just writing a bunch of bullcrap, I’ll leave you with this:


Happy Monday,