(Why me)T BAND

Two weeks out from my first ever marathon and this is what I’m dealing with.


ITBS. Yeah, it sucks. I felt in last week 10 miles into a 23 miler so I cut the run short ASAP. I’ve been letting it chill since then with a few easy runs thrown in during the week — which was a mistake.

Today I ran 4 miles on campus and felt pain-free… Until afterwards. My legs must have really tightened up and now I’m seriously feeling the pain.

So here’s the game plan: rest. Ugh, yeah, not really my thing but it has to be done. Also, icing, foam rolling, and I have a massage scheduled for Monday.

I’m trying not to freak out but it’s pretty difficult…

At least I have fuzzy pink socks and New Girl to keep my spirits up.

Good, healing vibes are much appreciated.


P.S. Hill on Dean Keeton, I see you and I WILL take you down on Feb. 15. Mark my words.


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