not fun.

Hey and happy Sunday!

Hopefully everyone’s Sunday is going better than mine! Not to say that mine has been bad, but it’s just been sort of ehhhh.

I was at work from 8-4 which wasn’t bad but exhausting. However, while I was there, I did officially decide to go to Nationals and I bought my plane ticket and everything! Anyway, I was going strong until around 12 and then I just got tired. Caffeine can only do so much.

Also, this weather is not my favorite. It’s cold and gray and a little rainy. I like the sun. A lot.

I told myself that I would go to Gregory to get some homework done and workout. When I walked outside to go to my car, the cold immediately made my IT band hurt in my hip and my knee. It still hurts and is frustrating me greatly. Nonetheless, now I’m here about to do some statistics and then pump some iron.

Hopefully that’ll help relieve some of my frustration.

This post is pretty lame, but not all days are perfect!

Here’s to hoping my Sunday improves before I go to sleep!



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