on moving.

I was thinking about the title of my blog this morning.


When I started this blog, the title was extremely literal. I was actually moving to college, to Austin, from my hometown and my old life and I was excited and thrilled and incredibly nervous. In August 2013, I was leaving a lot of things behind: people, hobbies, places. I was moving away.

On occasion I would think about changing the name because I felt as though it didn’t really make sense anymore. After all, I’ve been in Austin for a while and I probably will be here for sometime more…

However, this morning, I realized how incredibly fitting the title still is!




But out of all the definitions I found, one really caught my eye:

“the progressive development of a poem or story.”

Because isn’t that exactly what this is?

I may be moving physically or to different locations, but most importantly I am moving through life.

And it is not without its hurdles.

I’ve got stories to tell.


I’ve learned some important lessons in my short 19 years thus far.

Who knows what will come next?

But I will never stop moving. I’ll forever let energy vibrate through me.

Go go go, my friends. Seek out what you’ve always feared.

Move move move.

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