Oh. Snap.

Today. Was. Incredible.

The sun was shining, school was a breeze, and the weather was perfect.

But rather than ramble on about my day, I’ll let you get a quick view via my SnapChat story… 😉

Started the day off working at the Capitol.

Took a selfie in which my eye color looks crazy cool.

Spontaneously beckoned for someone to kayak with me to embrace the beautiful day!

AND MY HOMEGIRL KATIE ACCEPTED! (Not from snapchat hahaha)

Rode to and from school for a fun TX Tri strength workout. It stayed bright outside for so long! 🙂

Had to stop and smell the roses stare at the sky on the way home.

Arrived to discover that we FINALLY HAVE A WORKING DISHWASHER!

And then I washed some dishes and now I’m eating roasted sweet potatoes.

Thank you, today! ❤ You rocked.

(You, reading this, rock too!)

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