when you’re not sleeping // a passion post. 

(I should be asleep right now.)

I’m a big fan of passionate people. In my opinion, there’s something really beautiful about having the privilege to watch someone do something they really care about. 

I find it thrilling to know that there are people across the globe that care so much about some of the same things I do. I also find it incredible that people feel so intensely for issues and goals that I have never thought about.

How perfect, right? 

It would get boring if there was never anything to challenge us. To force us to think deeper than ever before.

I’ve said before how passionate I am about ending world hunger. To seeing to it that know when goes to sleep or wakes up wondering where they’ll get their calories that day.

But I also really love people. Like I really really love people. You can like someone for their looks or the dreams or their personality or whatever, but I love people for who they just are.

Sometimes I find myself wanting to thank someone for being in my life, not because of ways they’ve changed my life, but for them just being them.

After all, I am a true believer in the powers of being yourself, so I love the think about how we are all so so different. 

No two people have gone through the exact same stuff. No two people ever will. 

No two people have the same vibrant energy around them. The energy that makes you aware of their presence when they walk into the room.

This is true for friends, family, loved ones, strangers.

I love people so much because I know that deep within us there is something different that makes us all tick.

I don’t want to search to find what that is, but I just want to simply appreciate it.

When I get overwhelmingly happy, I always get the urge to dance. And by dance I mean straight up grooving where I am. 

I feel that way when I interact with people sometimes. A barista, a friend, a teacher, a sister, a mailman.

I’m just always so excited! And it makes me even more excited to get to share life with so many incredible people!

Soak it in, guys. This rocks.


10 things tuesday

10 things that bring me joy today:

1. Friends with hearts of gold.

2. Cooperative curly hair.

3. A healthy body that can keep up with my nonstop shenanigans.

4. Veggie pizza, fo sho.

5. Being surrounded by passionate people that care about others.

6. Plane tickets.

7. Changing into pajamas right after school.

8. Thinking about the endless possibilities that are to come in the future.

9. Exciting weekend plans!

10. This Letter from the Universe:  


I LOVE the dancing sort.


Happy Tuesday,

I’m off to get some fresh air!



too chill

This weekend has been so weird for me.

And by weird I mean really really restful.

Yesterday was my first day to actually sleep in for as long as I can remember.

Unfortunately, an alarm on my iPad woke me up at 8 am so I woke up and had breakfast. Afterwards I laid back down and slept until 11:45. 

I got up to eat again and shower, but other than that, I just chilled in my bed and snacked until I left for work at 3. After work I ran a fast (for me, at least) 5k, drove through a hurricane to HEB, and then went home, took shower #2, and chilled out until I fell asleep at 1.


Today I woke up at 8:30, made myself a leisurely breakfast, and then got back in bed for another hour or so.


Eventually I realized that the weather was awesome, so I headed outside for another sunny and sweaty 5k.

(Side note: NO PAIN!)

I showered yet again, had lunch, and then chilled out until I left to go to Coffee Bean (where I’m sitting out on the patio now!)

I honestly don’t know what has me feeling so lazy. I’m a little tired, but not exhausted. Honestly, I think I just needed a weekend to actually do nothing.

Nothingness doesn’t sit well with me normally, but with nationals and hell week and finals coming up, I WILL TAKE IT.

Anyway, I hope your weekend has been peaceful and beautiful!

I’ve got a crazy week ahead.

And a closing shift to get to! 😉



not my words

I’ve said before that I love quotes. I deeply appreciate the way an author or speaker can so beautifully string together a sequence of letters and words into such a soul-touching sentence. So, on days that I feel as though I can’t write the best sentences myself, I like to share some of my favorites.




I had to share the email I got from the Brave Girls Club this morning because it was awesome.

And I think it applies to ANYONE that is willing to dream!

Dear Fantastic Girl,

If you’re thinking, dear friend, that you are not nearly enough qualified, or deserving, or “right” to be the one with the big huge dreams….the ways to fix things…or the beautiful wisdom……….sweetheart, it’s time to change your thinking.

Someone’s got to dream the big dreams…or the big stuff won’t happen…..someone’s got to fix the stuff that’s wrong, or it will continue to get worse….someone’s got to be wise and experienced…or there will be no one to turn to when the wisdom is needed. Who will it be?

The world needs those gorgeous ideas brewing in your mind, or who else will make them happen? The world needs all of that passion that goes along with the burning desire in your heart to make things better and to fix what is wrong…or who else is going to do it? And…..honey…..all of those hard things you are learning…those lessons, those trials…..ALL OF THEM….those are the things that will bring the wisdom and the experience that is so needed in the world….because, if not YOU…who else will have it?

Get ready, sister……..there are big things planned for you. Keep dreaming, keep fixing, keep helping, keep learning, keep sharing.

Keep with it.

You are needed.
You are loved.”



Hey! I’m sitting in Coffee Bean right now patiently awaiting race notifications for Erica and Eliana as they run the Cap 10K! 

I’m going to find them at the 8K mark and probably chase them to the finish. 😉 

I’m so proud of them! Both of them have run a half marathon before but they’ve both struggled to keep running after a race.

Nonetheless, they’ve done their training and they’re going hard!

Running is the best. You can be fast or slow. You can be seasoned or brand new. It doesn’t matter! At the end of the day, no matter how long it takes you or what happens in between, when you cross the finish line you have run 6.22 miles.

I can’t even begin to tell you the number of times I got texts from Erica that said:

“Motivate me to run.”

“Should I workout today? How far should I run?”

“I ate two hours ago. Am I okay to run?” 

But I also got texts of joy from hitting the specific distance or a speed PB.



(P.S. They’ve both finished the King of the Hill stretch which means they’ve both survived a giant hill!)

waxing poetic about protein

Guys. Plant based protein never tasted so good.


Silk Cashew milk, one scoop of chocolate Vega, two frozen bananas, and a giant spoonful of peanut butter.



Truth: I tried to drink this powder with just cashew milk and I couldn’t do it.

Truth: It tastes a little grassy by itself.

Truth: Just throw in a banana or two and you’ve got yourself a non-grassy chocolate shake.


The creator of Vega is Brendan Brazier and he’s a vegan professional Ironman triathlete. I have his book Thrive and it’s pretty awesome too!

P.S. I’m feeling out of my funk! Hallelujah! Yesterday my friend David took me on an adventure after class and it was awesome. Lots of sun and sights to see and it was just so refreshing. So thank you thank you thank you!