waxing poetic about protein

Guys. Plant based protein never tasted so good.


Silk Cashew milk, one scoop of chocolate Vega, two frozen bananas, and a giant spoonful of peanut butter.



Truth: I tried to drink this powder with just cashew milk and I couldn’t do it.

Truth: It tastes a little grassy by itself.

Truth: Just throw in a banana or two and you’ve got yourself a non-grassy chocolate shake.


The creator of Vega is Brendan Brazier and he’s a vegan professional Ironman triathlete. I have his book Thrive and it’s pretty awesome too!

P.S. I’m feeling out of my funk! Hallelujah! Yesterday my friend David took me on an adventure after class and it was awesome. Lots of sun and sights to see and it was just so refreshing. So thank you thank you thank you!



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