too chill

This weekend has been so weird for me.

And by weird I mean really really restful.

Yesterday was my first day to actually sleep in for as long as I can remember.

Unfortunately, an alarm on my iPad woke me up at 8 am so I woke up and had breakfast. Afterwards I laid back down and slept until 11:45. 

I got up to eat again and shower, but other than that, I just chilled in my bed and snacked until I left for work at 3. After work I ran a fast (for me, at least) 5k, drove through a hurricane to HEB, and then went home, took shower #2, and chilled out until I fell asleep at 1.


Today I woke up at 8:30, made myself a leisurely breakfast, and then got back in bed for another hour or so.


Eventually I realized that the weather was awesome, so I headed outside for another sunny and sweaty 5k.

(Side note: NO PAIN!)

I showered yet again, had lunch, and then chilled out until I left to go to Coffee Bean (where I’m sitting out on the patio now!)

I honestly don’t know what has me feeling so lazy. I’m a little tired, but not exhausted. Honestly, I think I just needed a weekend to actually do nothing.

Nothingness doesn’t sit well with me normally, but with nationals and hell week and finals coming up, I WILL TAKE IT.

Anyway, I hope your weekend has been peaceful and beautiful!

I’ve got a crazy week ahead.

And a closing shift to get to! 😉



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