when you’re not sleeping // a passion post. 

(I should be asleep right now.)

I’m a big fan of passionate people. In my opinion, there’s something really beautiful about having the privilege to watch someone do something they really care about. 

I find it thrilling to know that there are people across the globe that care so much about some of the same things I do. I also find it incredible that people feel so intensely for issues and goals that I have never thought about.

How perfect, right? 

It would get boring if there was never anything to challenge us. To force us to think deeper than ever before.

I’ve said before how passionate I am about ending world hunger. To seeing to it that know when goes to sleep or wakes up wondering where they’ll get their calories that day.

But I also really love people. Like I really really love people. You can like someone for their looks or the dreams or their personality or whatever, but I love people for who they just are.

Sometimes I find myself wanting to thank someone for being in my life, not because of ways they’ve changed my life, but for them just being them.

After all, I am a true believer in the powers of being yourself, so I love the think about how we are all so so different. 

No two people have gone through the exact same stuff. No two people ever will. 

No two people have the same vibrant energy around them. The energy that makes you aware of their presence when they walk into the room.

This is true for friends, family, loved ones, strangers.

I love people so much because I know that deep within us there is something different that makes us all tick.

I don’t want to search to find what that is, but I just want to simply appreciate it.

When I get overwhelmingly happy, I always get the urge to dance. And by dance I mean straight up grooving where I am. 

I feel that way when I interact with people sometimes. A barista, a friend, a teacher, a sister, a mailman.

I’m just always so excited! And it makes me even more excited to get to share life with so many incredible people!

Soak it in, guys. This rocks.


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