If you’ve followed my blog for a while, I’m sure you know my stance on happiness. It’s not something that must be searched for. It’s not something that must be bought. It’s a state of being that you choose to feel. 

At any time in your life,  whether you feel trapped or hurt or confused or lost or angry, you can choose to be happy instead. It’s actually as easy as that. You just have to consciously decide to do it. 

I wish I could tell you that the reaction is immediate. It’s not. It’s an active process. But eventually, if you choose to be happy and smile over and over and over, you’ll start to see it everywhere. 

You’ll see the joy in other people: the beautiful way it radiates from their face and actions and words. 

You’ll see the simplistic wonder in the way the sunshine warms your body and soul. 

You’ll see your incredible, undeniable, irreplaceable worth on this earth.

You’ll see how capable your heart is for giving and loving and caring and feeling.

And suddenly, happiness isn’t something you choose. It’s something you’ve become. And others will see that and feel it too! How amazing, right?

Life hits us with some crazy stuff. We get thrown into the fire and we get burned. But you can either burn in it or be born from it. I like to choose the latter.

So laugh, smile, dance, and run! No one can tell you how to feel. You decide that. And I hope, with every ounce of my being, that you choose to be happy.

I turned 20 yesterday, which means that today I embarked on my third decade of life. I spent today soaking up the sun and feeling so insanely alive. My morning started out a little jittery, but I decided I didn’t want to feel that way anymore. So. I. Chose. Happy. 

I plan on waking up every single day for the rest of my life happy.

I’m an optimist. A reckless believer in all things good. A life enthusiast. 

And I’m so happy.

Happy Friday, my friends!

Love always,



sleep deprived rambling 


Hi, this is important to me. I think we forget the lasting impacts our fleeting words and actions can have, whether they be good or bad.

So just remember that you have the power to influence people so positively and that’s an amazing thing.

We can change each other’s lives in the best possible way. 

Neat, right?



The Love List

Hello all! Lately I’ve been really happy to be alive. I feel that way 99.9% of the time, but it’s been extra prevalent recently! 

To keep myself from bursting at the seams with joy, I decided to compose a list of things that I love (in no particular order): 

  • My family
  • My friends
  • My triathlon team/family
  • Balloons
  • Flowers
  • People that smile when they see you
  • Grass
  • Swimming, biking, and running
  • Coffee that’s just the right temperature
  • Food that gives me boundless energy 
  • Freshly shaven legs (honesty is important)
  • Upcoming birthday!!
  • The Spanish language
  • Hugging people
  • Laughing!
  • The smell of outside when you leave your apartment for the first time that day
  • The smell of your apartment after a long day out and about
  • Holding hands
  • Coffee ice cream!
  • Hanging out with my niece and nephew
  • Learning new things about any given subject
  • Cashew milk
  • Climbing over rocks
  • Walking around in muddy areas
  • Driving through the country side
  • Telling people how much you appreciate them
  • Being unafraid
  • Cool music that makes you want to dance
  • People that love me even when they’ve seen me at my worst 
  • My dad’s pasta arrabiatta
  • Trying to do handstands in random places
  • Dragging my sister on adventures with me (Thursday, Erica. Just you wait!)
  • Paddle boarding and kayaking
  • Sun glares on pictures
  • My curly dark hair
  • People whose eyes wrinkle when they smile
  • Passionate people that want to do good
  • Laying down in bed after being on your feet
  • Wearing ugly socks where everyone can see
  • My Road ID and broken Ironman watch
  • Being surprised! (But don’t hint)
  • Searching the Kayak app for affordable plane tickets 
  • Thinking about when I’ll see Sabrina & Mathew next 
  • Being surrounded by some incredibly cool people
  • My homie apartment
  • My freedom to express the inner workings of my mind on this blog
  • Brave Girls Club
  • Silly snapchat pictures
  • The Trio! 🙂
  • The way certain people have little catch phrases or hand motions that they’re unaware of using all the time 
  • The air freshener I have in my car right now
  • Throwing something towards be trash and MAKING IT IN!
  • The thrill of falling – but safely (I need to bungee jump again)
  • Imagining the potential the future holds

I’m going to be honest. This list could just keep going and going but I have work at 8 tomorrow morning, so I’d like to sleep!

I’d encourage you to make a list of stuff that you love! It feels pretty good 🙂






(Just to send you off with a fun picture of Baby Ju) 

doing good 

(Currently at work, on my lunch, wishing I was playing in the sun…)

You guys, I think that being kind is the coolest thing ever. And I find kindness flattering on everyone. I’ve poured my heart into this blog countless times about how deeply I care about things and how that trait can sometimes lead to pain, but it’s almost always amazing. 

We, as humans, have this incredible capacity to help each other out. No one person is above or below another. We’re all just going. 

Being kind is so easy. Letting a nice compliment slip out of your mouth is effortless. Helping someone that has dropped something or holding open a door is a breeze. Offering reassurance that we’re all so human and flawed and beautiful is often craved. So please please please do it. 

You, today, have the potential to make someone’s day or week or month. There doesn’t have to be some huge buildup. You can act now. You can do something small. Yet you can have a ginormous impact. 

Freaking cool, right? But you’ve got to act. I think that we all have a pulsing spidey-like sense within us that knows when someone around us is in need. We can identify it because, we too, know stress and hurt and pain and worry. And since we know how tough all those things can feel, why don’t we go out of our way to help alleviate that for others?

Maybe it’s because the trade off isn’t always 50/50. The ratio isn’t a perfect one and helping others doesn’t necessarily mean you will be helped the same way. However, I vehemently refuse to believe that as a legitimate reason for not doing good.

Guys, we can do SO MUCH GOOD. We can beam like Suns and spread warmth onto others. How great!

I’m so happy to live a life in a world that we can all love each other in! Because that’s what I want to do. I want to love others with everything I’ve got. I want to care deeply for people I’ve never met and will never meet. I want to give kindness to those that hurt me the most. 

I want goodness to be in style. 

And it can be. And should be. And will be.

Just you wait.




where’s the sun?

Hi! I am using this post as a means of procrastination. HOWEVER, I do have Canvas open in another tab… Am I logged on to Canvas? No. But I’m sure I’ll get there eventually. After all, I’ve got a final at 9 am tomorrow.

Just wanted to pop in and say I am alive. I’ve had a pounding migraine these last few days, but I am still kicking.

I blame this terrible weather. Seriously, there’s been nothing but clouds and rain. Don’t get me wrong, Texas needs the water, but I need the sun!

So I think the absence of it is starting to get to me.

My friends joke around that I’m a plant. I’m easily pleased and easily cared for: all I need is to be watered on occasion, but I absolutely do need the sun.

Amen, y’all. Amen.

Nonetheless, I will soldier on and hope for sunnier days in the near future. After all, my birthday is in 13 days! 🙂

Happy Friday, mis amigos!



feeling the urge to…

hop on a plane…

hike the Appalachian Trail…

jump into a lake from a rope swing…

ride a motorcycle on an open road…

eat fresh peaches and let my fingers get sticky…

climb on some rocks…

attempt to surf…

visit the Grand Canyon…

stare in wonderment at the Redwoods…

play soccer with my friends…

kidnap my sister and take her kayaking…

bake a truly homemade pie…

have a water balloon fight…

go tubing on a lake…

swing dance…

sit around a bonfire…

camp for a few nights…

do nice things to surprise others…

pet a giraffe…

feel a serious adrenaline rush…