where’s the sun?

Hi! I am using this post as a means of procrastination. HOWEVER, I do have Canvas open in another tab… Am I logged on to Canvas? No. But I’m sure I’ll get there eventually. After all, I’ve got a final at 9 am tomorrow.

Just wanted to pop in and say I am alive. I’ve had a pounding migraine these last few days, but I am still kicking.

I blame this terrible weather. Seriously, there’s been nothing but clouds and rain. Don’t get me wrong, Texas needs the water, but I need the sun!

So I think the absence of it is starting to get to me.

My friends joke around that I’m a plant. I’m easily pleased and easily cared for: all I need is to be watered on occasion, but I absolutely do need the sun.

Amen, y’all. Amen.

Nonetheless, I will soldier on and hope for sunnier days in the near future. After all, my birthday is in 13 days! 🙂

Happy Friday, mis amigos!



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