doing good 

(Currently at work, on my lunch, wishing I was playing in the sun…)

You guys, I think that being kind is the coolest thing ever. And I find kindness flattering on everyone. I’ve poured my heart into this blog countless times about how deeply I care about things and how that trait can sometimes lead to pain, but it’s almost always amazing. 

We, as humans, have this incredible capacity to help each other out. No one person is above or below another. We’re all just going. 

Being kind is so easy. Letting a nice compliment slip out of your mouth is effortless. Helping someone that has dropped something or holding open a door is a breeze. Offering reassurance that we’re all so human and flawed and beautiful is often craved. So please please please do it. 

You, today, have the potential to make someone’s day or week or month. There doesn’t have to be some huge buildup. You can act now. You can do something small. Yet you can have a ginormous impact. 

Freaking cool, right? But you’ve got to act. I think that we all have a pulsing spidey-like sense within us that knows when someone around us is in need. We can identify it because, we too, know stress and hurt and pain and worry. And since we know how tough all those things can feel, why don’t we go out of our way to help alleviate that for others?

Maybe it’s because the trade off isn’t always 50/50. The ratio isn’t a perfect one and helping others doesn’t necessarily mean you will be helped the same way. However, I vehemently refuse to believe that as a legitimate reason for not doing good.

Guys, we can do SO MUCH GOOD. We can beam like Suns and spread warmth onto others. How great!

I’m so happy to live a life in a world that we can all love each other in! Because that’s what I want to do. I want to love others with everything I’ve got. I want to care deeply for people I’ve never met and will never meet. I want to give kindness to those that hurt me the most. 

I want goodness to be in style. 

And it can be. And should be. And will be.

Just you wait.




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