The Love List

Hello all! Lately I’ve been really happy to be alive. I feel that way 99.9% of the time, but it’s been extra prevalent recently! 

To keep myself from bursting at the seams with joy, I decided to compose a list of things that I love (in no particular order): 

  • My family
  • My friends
  • My triathlon team/family
  • Balloons
  • Flowers
  • People that smile when they see you
  • Grass
  • Swimming, biking, and running
  • Coffee that’s just the right temperature
  • Food that gives me boundless energy 
  • Freshly shaven legs (honesty is important)
  • Upcoming birthday!!
  • The Spanish language
  • Hugging people
  • Laughing!
  • The smell of outside when you leave your apartment for the first time that day
  • The smell of your apartment after a long day out and about
  • Holding hands
  • Coffee ice cream!
  • Hanging out with my niece and nephew
  • Learning new things about any given subject
  • Cashew milk
  • Climbing over rocks
  • Walking around in muddy areas
  • Driving through the country side
  • Telling people how much you appreciate them
  • Being unafraid
  • Cool music that makes you want to dance
  • People that love me even when they’ve seen me at my worst 
  • My dad’s pasta arrabiatta
  • Trying to do handstands in random places
  • Dragging my sister on adventures with me (Thursday, Erica. Just you wait!)
  • Paddle boarding and kayaking
  • Sun glares on pictures
  • My curly dark hair
  • People whose eyes wrinkle when they smile
  • Passionate people that want to do good
  • Laying down in bed after being on your feet
  • Wearing ugly socks where everyone can see
  • My Road ID and broken Ironman watch
  • Being surprised! (But don’t hint)
  • Searching the Kayak app for affordable plane tickets 
  • Thinking about when I’ll see Sabrina & Mathew next 
  • Being surrounded by some incredibly cool people
  • My homie apartment
  • My freedom to express the inner workings of my mind on this blog
  • Brave Girls Club
  • Silly snapchat pictures
  • The Trio! 🙂
  • The way certain people have little catch phrases or hand motions that they’re unaware of using all the time 
  • The air freshener I have in my car right now
  • Throwing something towards be trash and MAKING IT IN!
  • The thrill of falling – but safely (I need to bungee jump again)
  • Imagining the potential the future holds

I’m going to be honest. This list could just keep going and going but I have work at 8 tomorrow morning, so I’d like to sleep!

I’d encourage you to make a list of stuff that you love! It feels pretty good 🙂






(Just to send you off with a fun picture of Baby Ju) 

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