Hola! Buenos Dias!

I was too tired to write last night, so here I am! I have to be at the school where I’ll teach at 9, but I slept 9 hours so I’m pretty wide awake.

Fun fact: I woke up this morning, walked into my bathroom, and came face to face with a cockroach. I just walked right back out. I’ll keep you updated how this ends.

Anyway, yesterday was an incredibly long day. We were all at the school at 8 am where we observed our cooperating teachers for three hours. During the class there was a break and some of the students took us to find coffee. We all talked in Spanish and English and it was awesome.

Afterwards, all of us ladies in the program met up again and we were taken on a three hour tour of Querétaro. We had a fancy lunch at 2 with our señoras and then immediately went to a different school where we will be taking Spanish classes. We finally had an orientation to the program and then our very first Spanish class.

It was fun and exhausting.  

Here’s a list of things I have learned so far:

  • Wearing seatbelts is not a thing here.
  • Stop sign? What stop sign?
  • Cafe olla is the bomb dot com.
  • I’m just as caffeine dependent as I had expected.
  • You should just never ever say ‘chaqueta’ in Mexico. Use ‘chamarra’ instead.

There are many more that I’ve forgotten but I’m sure I’ll have more to add everyday. 

Anyway, I’m off to get ready for another long day.


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