[ these people ]

You know, people are really cool.Sometimes they hurt us, betray us, and knock us down. Sometimes it’s done out of malicious intent.

And that sucks. It really and truly does.

But you know what?

There are some incredible, unbelievably amazing people out there. Some Grade AA, beautiful, top notch, high caliber people that walk among us.

Every now and then I’m reminded of how many people like this I have in my life. How many magnificent humans surround me. It’s a shame that I ever can possibly forget!

These people have loving, caring hearts of gold. They make us laugh and feel lifted up. They inspire us and each us. And yet, they’re always learning and experiencing and always curious, too. They look at the world with open eyes, hands, and hearts. These people have good days and bad days, yet they’re open and honest and transparent about it. After all, no one is perfect. 

Just being in the presence of someone like this is incredibly rewarding. 

These people are like the sun. Warm and bright and burning with passion. 

And you know the best part?

We can really and truly surround ourselves with these kinds of people.

And even better, we can become them ourselves.

What a beautiful world that would be, huh?




Good morning world!

How’s your Saturday going so far?

I woke up at 7, ate cereal, fell back asleep, went on a souvenir hunt (aka also desperately needed to break a 200 peso billete), bought coffee and a muffin, and now I’m chilling in some shade in a plaza. 🙂

It’s unbelievable for me to think that exactly two weeks from now I’ll be at the airport. It’s bittersweet. I’m so excited for Austin and for what’s to come this fall but I also know that I’m going to miss it here so much. I’m going to come back soon though.

I think it might be because of all the rain this week, but I’ve been getting some pretty frustrating headaches lately. The kind that don’t completely cripple you but are long enough and irritating enough to mess with your mood.

Nonetheless, last night I got a LOT of sleep and the street outside my window was unusually quiet so hopefully today is okay! I’ve got a long run to do too! 

I think my favorite part about being here is just reveling in the communication. Yesterday I asked my students when they started learning English and most of them said this last December or January, just like when I started actually learning Spanish. I explained to them that I think it’s amazing that one year ago we would not have been able to communicate. And today we can do it in Spanish and English (which we immediately corrected with “well, mas o menos”)! 

I want to learn a lot of languages, not just for travel and for knowledge, but just for communication.

It’s a pretty cool thing to be able to open doors to people and places you couldn’t have even imagined.

Anyway, those are my thoughts for this Saturday morning! I’m going to go hunt down more gifts!


la sierra gorda queretana.

I don’t really know how to put this entire story into words. It was one of the most incredible experiences of my life so far. I want to share my experience with you, but at the same time, a small part of me doesn’t want to ruin the memories by attempting to write them out.

This weekend, a group of mis amigas y yo fuimos a la Sierra Gorda. 

If you know me, you know that outside is my favorite place. And you can probably take a guess at how elated I was to go.

As much as I’d love to tell every story I have from the trip, I can’t. I just can’t find the words to express them with the justice they deserve. When I get back to Austin, if you want to hear my experience through spoken word, you can come over for brunch one day. I’ll make cafe de olla and chilaquiles and I’ll buy pan dulce from the panaderia on Riverside and we’ll have a grand ole time, deal?

Anyway, I’ve decided to give you small snippets of moments I know I will never forget…

-> waking up at 4 am to the women doing the pilgrimage to the Virgin Guadalupe

-> eating the best gorditas I’ve ever had in Pinal de Amoles (Gracias, Señora Maria!)

-> being awestruck by the mountains

-> riding in the back of a pick up truck down a rocky road to Rio Escanela

-> incredulous laughter and ‘wow’ being my only reactions to the land and water

-> jumping off a small metal bridge into the most beautiful, cold water 

-> climbing through small passages in rocks 

-> viewing missions painted with the colors of la tierra

-> eating the freshest mangoes and getting sticky hands and faces

-> crossing a quick moving river with only the arms of mis amigas as support

-> jumping off of cliffs into Las Adjuntas with no fear and riding with the Rapids

 -> standing under las cascadas de Chuveje full of disbelief and pure joy for this life

-> thinking I was going to die as I attempted to climb up and down a slick muddy incline

-> refusing to sleep on the car ride home to not miss one second of the view 

-> and having the most incredible “parents” go with us: Regina and Salvador

Of course, there is so much more to tell, but these are some of the moments that shine the brightest. I’ll post pictures soon, but for now all I have are words.

I will go back one day and hopefully soon.




Just popping in to say that there’s a hoard of small kittens running around the school right now…

So clearly it’s going to be a good day!




I just finished reading a book called Tracks by Robyn Davidson…

It really makes me want to just hike into the Mexican countryside…

Or maybe hop on a plane and trek through the rain forests of Tikal…

Or maybe go a little farther south and explore Macchu Picchu…

When I return to Los EEUU, I could drive over to the PCT… Or maybe the AT…

Maybe I’ll thru-hike to LST…

Regardless, I feel so pulled and drawn outside. After all, it is my favorite place.

Great things are happening and I know that great things are coming.

this day. 7-13-15


It’s a beautiful day here in Querétaro. Life is really good. It’s one of those days that you look back to one day and long for. So I’m soaking it all up right now.

And my señora gave me a big plate of vegetables during lunch and that just always makes my day!

It’s 70 degrees, sunny, and breezy! What more could you want?

Eventually I’m going to get up and go on a post card hunt but first I’d like to learn how to say post card in Spanish! 😉

Hasta luego, mis amigos!

for me

I was going to write a post in an attempt to convey the incredible way I’ve been feeling today.

But I know I wouldn’t be able to do it justice. And sometimes what I feel is just for me and that’s okay. 

Just know that life is good. Always.