Hola! Right now I am chilling for a while before I meet mis amigas para comprar y caminar en las plazas de Querétaro. 

This morning I worked on pronunciation with my students, which is always so fascinating to do. It’s incredible to me that languages from a common root can divert in such interesting ways. Spanish has 5 vowel sounds. English has 21. 
Sometimes when I’m explaining it, I’ll just shake my head and put my hands up and say “English, you guys.” And the students always laugh. 

I really really really enjoy my walk to and from school. It takes me about 25 minutes, but in the morning it’s really peaceful. In the afternoon I get to people watch and enjoy the sun. 

Today, while I was crossing through one of the plazas, a woman came up to me and started talking and I understood most of what she said. I took a breath and decided not to think about my speaking and was actually able to talk with her. 

Learning a new language is seriously so cool because it opens up doors to new places and people and I love it!

Also, the salsa that my señora makes is incredible. INCREDIBLE. And papaya is probably going to be my favorite fruit by the time I leave here.

Anyway, to add to the list of things I’ve learned here so far:

  • Lines are not a thing here. Oh, waiting to buy a coffee? Doesn’t matter if you were there first, someone will walk up to the counter before you. It’s a little funny because it forces you to stay alert.
  • Nokia is a majorly used phone brand here. Also a little funny to me because I always just imagine the unbreakable Nokia phones.
  • The college students dress so well and the weather here allows them to wear boots and I’m so jealous. I can’t wait to do that this fall!

Okay, that’s all for now! Maybe later I’ll update more or maybe I’ll just wait until tomorrow!

Hasta luego,


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