la noche pasada.

“I wish I could make you see how incredibly vast this world is. How our problems that feel so overwhelming are so unbelievably minuscule. And I don’t say that in a way to minimize our own pain but to open our eyes to the world around us. There are incredible people in this world and sometimes they walk into our lives at just the right time. Sometimes we have to seek out people who can help us through painful phases in our lives. Sometimes we succeed and sometimes we don’t. Nonetheless, people are out there. There are experiences waiting for you every single damn day. There’s someone in desperate need of a smile from a stranger. There’s a tree that’s just begging to be climbed by a brave soul. The world is huge and life is short and we need to immerse ourselves in the grandiose world we are in. There’s more to life than those in a 10 mile radius, 100 miles radius, 1000 mile radius. And yet, there’s still so much to appreciate and celebrate and to experience in a single mile around us. But it’s up to all of us to seek it out. What do you want? We can fight our hardest to be appreciated by others and to feel validated, but we will always come up short because we don’t need validation. It should all be up to yourself. I like to surround myself with people who look huggable and with people who emit light from their souls, because that’s what I strive to be. Yet I seek out more people every single day because every person I meet has something new to offer to my life and I view that as a gift. Somewhere out there, someone is having the best day of their life. And someone is having their worst. It’s like schrodiners cat. Both exist at the same time. Only you get to choose.

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