Good morning world!

How’s your Saturday going so far?

I woke up at 7, ate cereal, fell back asleep, went on a souvenir hunt (aka also desperately needed to break a 200 peso billete), bought coffee and a muffin, and now I’m chilling in some shade in a plaza. 🙂

It’s unbelievable for me to think that exactly two weeks from now I’ll be at the airport. It’s bittersweet. I’m so excited for Austin and for what’s to come this fall but I also know that I’m going to miss it here so much. I’m going to come back soon though.

I think it might be because of all the rain this week, but I’ve been getting some pretty frustrating headaches lately. The kind that don’t completely cripple you but are long enough and irritating enough to mess with your mood.

Nonetheless, last night I got a LOT of sleep and the street outside my window was unusually quiet so hopefully today is okay! I’ve got a long run to do too! 

I think my favorite part about being here is just reveling in the communication. Yesterday I asked my students when they started learning English and most of them said this last December or January, just like when I started actually learning Spanish. I explained to them that I think it’s amazing that one year ago we would not have been able to communicate. And today we can do it in Spanish and English (which we immediately corrected with “well, mas o menos”)! 

I want to learn a lot of languages, not just for travel and for knowledge, but just for communication.

It’s a pretty cool thing to be able to open doors to people and places you couldn’t have even imagined.

Anyway, those are my thoughts for this Saturday morning! I’m going to go hunt down more gifts!


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