Monday feels

It’s Monday morning and I’m feeling really good. So to kick off this week, I’m going to reflect on some things that I am head over heels happy about…

-> The weather is beautiful and cool and slightly windy and I am in love. I know it’ll warm up by noon, but for now, I am enjoying sitting outside and not sweating!

-> Pumpkin spice coffee from Trader Joe’s! I’ve hardcore resisted getting a PSL from Starbucks, but that didn’t stop me from buying pumpkin spice coffee grounds… It’s actually pretty good for a flavored coffee and I’m having the time of my life drinking it while enjoying this weather right now!

-> My trip to Magnolia this upcoming weekend… We’re talking a 10k trail race with the fam, pumpkin carving, and a 50 mile ride on the Oilman course!

-> Colony House.. A band I recently found on Spotify. I highly recommend “Moving Forward”!

-> Spanish! I just watched a video for an assignment and was expecting to have to translate it. But the more I tried to think about translating it in my head, the more I realized that I already understood what it was saying. This makes me ridiculously happy!

-> Enjoying Genetics… Some might recall that this time last year Genetics was a nightmare for me and I had to drop the class.. Well, this semester my professor is the coolest man ever and the way he’s presented the material is manageable and incredibly interesting! I do have a midterm tomorrow though, so wish me luck!

-> UT football! I went to my first game this weekend, and although we lost (cough cough refs cough cough), it was so fun and I’ve been convinced to buy a Big Ticket next year.

-> Feeling strong and ready for 70.3! I had been pretty worried about this, but now I’m feeling really really good.

-> Focusing on what matters and refusing to let negativity drain me of all energy.

I feel good about feeling good. Life is cool and crazy but very very wonderful.


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