Tuesday reminder that you can do it.

Whatever fear may be holding you back, or doubt, or confusion… It’s all nothing in the grand scheme of life.

Tuesday reminder that no moment defines you forever.

That failed exam, those painful words, the person that you wish you’d never met… You’re never stuck in one spot. You get to move and change and grow.



Tuesday reminder that you are more than what you have.

It’s not your clothes, your bank account, or your resume that make you you. It’s the way you decide to act and react to the world.

Tuesday reminder that making mistakes is totally okay.

You can only do so much. You can only try so hard. You can definitely always say sorry. You should forgive yourself.

Tuesday reminder that you are enough.

You always will be enough. You incredible being, you.

Tuesday reminder that you should show someone some love today.

I guarantee that someone around you could use a hug or even a smile. Someone could use some reassurance that they are not alone.



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