Hi. This is my second post I’ve written tonight. Why? Because I was trying to explain something in the first one and got caught up in the metaphor and then it just wasn’t what I really wanted to say anymore.

I guess what I wanted to say is that I’m craving conversation. I’m craving a hike in the woods. I’m craving a night of staring at the stars. Nothing but real, honest life.

I’ve been getting so caught up in school and the daily grind that I’ve been feeling so tired lately. It’s not the training or the sleep that’s doing it to me, though. I know that as a fact.

I want to camp and talk about what matters and do good and soak up the life that is around me.

I want to reconnect. I want to ask questions. I want to look for answers.

Does any of that make sense? All I know is that there’s a lot more to life than the daily workload.

And that’s what I want to focus on doing. Just living.

Happy Thursday,


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