Two posts in one day? Normally I wouldn’t do this, especially since I’m about to post the poem I wrote, but I’m going to anyway. Mostly because I’m terrified of sharing my writing to the world and the fear is the best.

Okay here you go. A poem I wrote in 10 minutes while killing time before my track workout…

Do you know what I really enjoy?

What really intrigues me?

Passion. White hot, burning passion.

A love for something outside of yourself that is so great, it could nearly consume you whole.

A pull stronger than any magnet, than any form of gravity, that can take you anywhere.

I thrive off of it. Live for this.

But also there are times in which this energy feels like a giant black hole. It feels absent and so real at the same time.

Like I’m floating into an endless space without oxygen or sound.

I am going a set velocity into the void.

And I’m trying, so hard, to gasp for breath. To find a purchase. To swim away from this infinity. And my attempts feel futile.

I’m nothing more than a voyager lost.

Juliana, we have a problem. 

And then there’s a light. One next to my shoulder and it’s blinking and it’s reminding me of the jet pack I have strapped to my back.

The one, that moments ago, felt weightless and forgotten.

Physics that seem insurmountable are but specks of dust compared to my potential acceleration, so here’s what I do:

I turn it on. 

And next thing I know, I’m hurdling through space. Meteors and stars fly past me and I am going.

I am going and soaring. I am an asteroid that has just begun to burn.

And watch out, earth. Because my speed is increasing. 

The atmosphere stands no chance. 

I am a light of unstoppable brightness. 

And here I am on the surface of this earth.

Here I am; ready to go.

And maybe I have all the physics wrong. 

But here I am.

Try to stop me.

Okay now I’m off to run and hide in a hole because writing is an embarrassing feat okay byeeeee

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