to today

I hope two things for you:

1. That you find the courage to live your life as authentically as possible.

2. That you’re willing to open yourself up to whatever that may bring you and spread light along the way.

If today has taught me anything it’s that small small words of kindness can move mountains. I try to live my life reminding myself of how my actions can affect others, but it’s not always until it happens to you that it really hits home.

If you haven’t noticed already, my favorite quote of all time is:

“We’re all just walking each other home.”

We humans can do phenomenal things for each other, in all sorts of ways. No matter what resources are available to you, there’s no excuse to not use your words for something kind.

There’s no excuse to not dig into the deepest parts of you that so desperately want someone to be kinder to you. 

To use that to actually treat others how you want to be treated.

Ya feel me?

Today was an amazing day and it served as a reminder to me of what this life can truly be, in all its glory,  if you only strive to do some good.

Tomorrow is a new and exciting day and is just another opportunity for you to be that rad person that turns someone’s whole day around.

I’m incredibly appreciative of the people that did that for me today.



P.S. Oilman 70.3 in 4 days and I’m still kind of freaking out.

P.P.S. (Or P.S.S.?) I’m going to Peru for Spring Break.

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