I feel like I’ve written this before, but seeing as this is my small corner of the Internet, I am going to just write about it again until I get it off my chest and a little more organized in my mind.

I just feel so… I really don’t know.

Like I want to scream off a roof top. Like I want to understand exactly why the world is the way it is.

Life is so good. And I’ve felt so so great lately, but I need to be honest. There’s always a small part of me that just wants people to be real.

Day in and day out I see people struggling to fulfill this image they think they’ve created for themselves. Or I see people placing their worth in painful places.

And I’m guilty of this too.

Sometimes my energy is low and I want to be quiet and small, but I know how beautiful and colorful and vibrant life is so I focus on that so hard until my spirits lift.

Yet, at the end of the day, I remember how small I wanted to feel.

And I acknowledge this. I pay it my respects, and I move on.

But I know how hard this can be sometimes and I know that people choose to become hard instead. It’s too easy to succumb to what’s easy and painful.

But I want someone to just see the value in cutting through the bullshit.

I want to talk about how the world can be both a dark and bright places and what we can do to introduce some light.

I want to see someone light up with passion when they talk.

I want to listen and I want to be heard.

I want people to know that I care, so deeply, about practically everything.

I even understand the naivety of this. But I’m a reckless optimist. And I deeply believe that people are inherently good.

I want someone to rejoice in this with me! And I also want someone to be real with me.

And it’s tough, because I know that’s not something that can be forced. But I want it so bad, you feel me?

I don’t want to be in bed right now. I want to be having a phenomenal conversation.

And also for this headache to go away.

But mostly conversation.

Okay. Rambling over.


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