Today I was not paying attention in Genetics (CLASSIC) and I kept finding my mind drifting back to a song called Saturn by Sleeping At Last.

There’s a lyric in the song that sticks with me a lot. It goes “how rare and beautiful it is to even exist.” 

And I listen to the song on repeat but every time it gets to that line I always have to take a deep breath.

Because whoa. Each one of us lives a life that is so unique and wonderful and valuable and I think we forget that a lot. I definitely do.

I forget that no one on earth thinks my exact thoughts or has the same experiences I do. The same applies to you, for that matter. You alone can own your stories and the actions and reactions that have made you you. 

When you’re struggling to understand why something has happened or what will come next, the hardest part is to try to accept what is now and to find peace with that.
But man, if we could all just find the energy to take a moment to open our arms wide and breathe it all in, what a difference it would make.

Life sometimes goes terribly “wrong” and hurts a lot and seems pointless and crazy. But this is your story. Only yours. And you get to live it out!

I think we grow a lot by thrusting ourselves out of our comfort zones and taking risks and accepting yet facing the fears we carry.

I don’t want to live my life obsessed with what’s going wrong or what’s going right. I want to appreciate it all. I want to respect the course that my life has taken me and where I have yet to go.

This life is a rarity. And it’s beautiful and wonderful and terrifying.

It’s time to grab your mistakes and your faults and imperfections and run with them because they are a part of you.

It’s time to live with the fear inside you and allow it to push you to be your best.

And it’ll all be okay because to finish with another Sleeping At Last lyric “you are loved more than you know.”


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