sea of atlas

So I’m listening to Sea of Atlas by Sleeping At Last and I love it so much.

It reminds me of senior year. Of driving home from school after early release in my ’95 Jeep Cherokee. The sun would be shining and the temperature would be perfect. 

It reminds me of sitting in my jeep, not going too fast because it could’ve broken apart at any second, thinking I had it all together. 

Thinking I knew who I was and what I wanted and what I was capable of. Thinking that I really had myself and others and life all figured out.

I was so unbelievably and hysterically wrong.

And something about that is so alright.

Never will I ever understand it all. Let alone understand myself.

But I’m working on finding the beauty in that chaos. I’m letting it serve me. I’m choosing to be born from it.

And what an adventure it’ll be. 

Love (a magnificently inexhaustible thing),


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