year ago

This time of year I get self-absorbed.

Woe is me. I have exams and assignments and things to stress about.

And all of these things do stress me out A LOT. And I’m working on understanding that I’m allowed to freak out and focus on stuff in my life that’s hard on me.

But Juliana from a year ago was smart.

Click me to see what I’m talking about…

So although Genetics has me wanting to rip my hair out and lie on the floor motionless, I still want to know how you’re doing.

How’s your day been? Do you have finals this week; and if so, how are they going? After this week, we can grab a hot chocolate and just kick it.

Sound good? It sure does to me.

I’m off to cram from an exam tomorrow morning and I’m trying to just accept that this wackiness will make a great story some time from now. All I can do right now is work hard and let it happen.

Much love,

Juliana Marie



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