Fall 2015.


This semester was stressful and crazy and busy and unforgiving as all get out.

However, this semester was fulfilling and wonderful and beautiful and unlike anything else and I wouldn’t have changed anything about it.


I am looking forward to five weeks off more than I can ever express. Yet, somehow, I’m going to miss the insanity that fall 2015 brought me.

I faced challenges and myself. I learned so much about nutrition and life and my incredible friends. I shocked myself and let myself be transformed by others.

Ultimately, it was the most memorable semester I have had yet.

Thank you for the memories, fall 2015 semester. You were the thorn in my flesh and the bounce in my step.



P.S. Written while procrastinating studying for 218 final, sitting in the SAC, staring at the Christmas tree, and listening to Stay Alive by Jose Gonzalez.


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