joy joy joy

If you have read my blog for a while, you’ve probably noticed that I feel passionately about a lot of things. I’ve probably posted about passion more times than I could count. I know how passion works like a magnet and I feel drawn to people that are willing to share it. But it came to my realization the other day that I’ve always focused and really mulled over the passion in my own life.

So for the past few days I had been trying to focus on what lights other people up.

In my opinion, passion equates to joy. Joy for life, joy for others, joy joy joy.

A feeling so great and incredible that it really cannot be put into words.

I think that sometimes we shy away from getting to know that aspect of other people because we’re afraid of being shut down or we’re afraid of being overloaded with information. You know what? Open your arms and take it all in.

This passion is what makes us. It can also set us apart. To ask and to tell are both vulnerable, courageous acts. In the moment that you open yourself to truly speak passionately, you risk being ridiculed. In the moment that you dare to prompt someone’s story with a question, you risk being scoffed out.

Please please please seize the fear and run with it. Run until you’re red in the face. Until you’re breathless and laughing and feeling how alive you are.

I have two friends that come to mind. I’ll call them Friend One and Friend A because it somehow feels wrong to make one of them Friend Two or Friend B.

Friend One speaks so lovingly and deeply about her family that it blows me away every time. Even if it’s a story about a family member acting like a fool, it obviously comes from a place of love and gratitude and I respect that so greatly. Whether she’s aware of that or not, I don’t know. But in every story and conversation about her great big family, her smile gets bigger and her eyes look like she’s replaying a happy memory to herself.

Friend A has a story to tell. Riding across the country on a bike is an experience in and of itself, but to develop such real and human relationships along the way is where the story lies. A carries this around with him, bursting at the seams, as would anyone that has had a formative experience. But to witness the overflow is something else. Experiences cannot be put into words, but it’s still a beautiful thing to try.

Passionate people inspire us and challenge us and change us and make us see life differently.

And we become those people without even realizing it because there’s always room to grow.

Never ever ever shut your mouth about what you care about. Please never ask for permission to talk about it, to me especially.

Don’t smother that fire inside of you. It’s working its magic and it’s not finished yet.

If you don’t know where to start when talking to someone else, I recommend this question:

“What lights you up?”

Oh, all the ways I would answer that question.

Go make things happen. Go listen to what someone has to say. Go grow.





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