What travel is to me.

Hi. You probably don’t have to know me well to notice that I love traveling. 


Traveling is not merely the act of marking a place off of a bucket list.

God, I hope that’s the last thing it is for you.

To me, to travel is to live. To laugh at comfort zones. To try and fail and to find the energy to laugh about it. To get over the world view you once carried. To see that all people all over the world are good. To recognize the beauty that’s not just in your backyard. To notice how all of us humans want the same thing. To love. To give a piece of yourself away. That’s better than any souvenir. To be unabashedly wide-eyed. To risk. To be terrified and exhilarated. To find peace and understanding. To somehow feel so small yet oh so big. To feel the ground. To breathe the air. To know that this is your element. To be present and far. To travel is to be, in its very essence, a part of this world.

Without further adieu, pictures from this year’s Mexico and Italy experiences horribly out of order because the WordPress app cannot keep up.

Jalpan. La Sierra Gorda Queretana.

Las Adjuntas. Sierra Gorda Queretana.

To Mexico.

Querétaro Beer Festival.

Excerpt from Tracks (that I read in Mexico.)

Dolomiti, Italy.


Mexico D.F.. National Museum of Antrhopology.

My homestay in Mexico.

To Italy.

5th wheeling like a pro in Italy.


Cinque Terra.


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