31 Lessons from 2015

Hey, it’s almost 2016. That’s wild.

In November, I decided to opt out of resolutions for 2016. Why? I’m not so sure myself, but what I came up with instead just seemed right.

Every day in December, I reflected on a lesson that I learned this year. Sometimes it hit me clear as day. Other times I perused old blog posts and pictures until I felt genuinely touched by a sweet or painful memory. Regardless, I wrote a lesson down every day this month. A short blurb to remind me of what I’ve learned this year.

It helped me reflect upon 2015 and rather than try to set goals for next year, I want to just keep in mind what life has taught me.

Maybe these are only lessons for me. Maybe you’ve already learned them. Maybe not. That’s why I’ve decided to share.

Life is good and experience is quite the teacher. So without further adieu,

31 Lessons from 2015

  1. Don’t put toothpaste by your mouth to get rid of a zit. Ever. Unless you want a chemical burn and a fun story.
  2. Squash every lie you tell yourself in terms of changing yourself to fit within a group. If they’re your people, they’ll love you anyway.
  3. Don’t minimize your own perception of how your actions affect others. Sometimes the truth will come out of the woodwork.
  4. “Sometimes the strongest thing you can do is let others in.”
  5. Ground yourself. Be present. Embrace the moment. You won’t get it back.
  6. Do that really scary thing. Always do that really scary thing.
  7. Stop making yourself so busy. (This is a tough one.) It’s exhausting. And you deserve rest.
  8. ‘Defeated’ does not belong in your vocabulary.
  9. Happy dancing is encouraged.
  10. DO NOT SUPPRESS A GENEROUS THOUGHT. Small acts should be done with great love.
  11. Be you. Be Juliana. Be authentic. Let things fall where they should.
  12. You can tell your stories. Someone may want to listen.
  13. Shut up and notice things.
  14. Some moments are meant to be kept to yourself.
  15. Don’t hide your joy ever ever ever.
  16. Accept it. You have to learn to accept what’s hard.
  17. Small victories should be celebrated unashamedly.
  18. Slowing down is hard. But good, I think?
  19. People change. Some don’t. Love this. Breathe it in. Keep going.
  20. See life with your arms open.
  21. There’s something peaceful about working alone in an empty kitchen.
  22. Rediscover joy in all things.
  23. Anger is a cover-up emotion. What’s your real problem?
  24. “It takes guts to be gentle and kind.”
  25. When in doubt, belt to Colors of the Wind.
  26. Fall in love with who you are and what you’re becoming.
  27. If you need to, forgive yourself for what you were.
  28. Life is a storybook. Try to read someone else’s pages.
  29. Being confused and lost is okay. It should be encouraged. Doubt is powerful.
  30. Don’t eat donuts for breakfast.
  31. It is beautiful. And by ‘it’ I mean whatever you will ever or can ever possibly think of. It is beautiful.


Happy 2016, all.

Let’s do this.



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