$25 sandals

Today I was at Zilker, sitting on the edge of my hammock and soaking up the sun, when I noticed my shoes in the grass.
They’re Magellan Outdoor sandals (aka Fake Chacos) ((aka Fake-os)) that I bought for $25 on my 19th birthday. 

When I bought them I honestly thought I had made a ridiculous purchase and that I was never going to wear them and they would sit in closet forever, untouched. 

I was wrong. Really really wrong. I’ve worn them more than I ever thought I would.

And as I stared at them in the grass, I noticed the worn out shape of my feet in the soles. I noticed that pieces that were rubbing off. I noticed that scars on my dangling feet that the shoes gave me when I wore the straps too tight in the rain this summer.

These shoes have come with me to California, New Mexico, Colorado, Italy, Mexico, and more. 

They’ve been worn camping, at races, in rivers, and all over the streets of Querétaro. They’ve been worn by me and my sister and by a countless number of my friends.

It may seem odd to pay homage to a pair of cheap sandals, but when I thought I was bearing more weight than I could handle, they bore me.

Life takes us all over the place. The most absurd, painful, wonderful, confusing, joyous occasions are thrown at us and we’re left with choices:

Do you take off your shoes and wash your feet and stay indoors?

Or do you strap on your $25 sandals and open the door wide and embrace whatever is coming your way?

I say it’s about time you go buy yourself some cheap shoes.



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