More Others, Less Me.

I’ve created a project for myself. (And for anyone else that would like to try!!)

For as long as I possibly can, I will be celebrating and giving love to all of my incredible friends that deserve all the best that the world has to offer.

Lately I had been catching myself thinking about magnificent my friends are and how lucky I am to have them and I kept wondering what it would be like if I could somehow unite my friends from across all the different friend groups. It then occurred to me that I really just want the world to know about these people. I want the world to see them in all their beauty and realness and humility and creativity and glory.

So I created #MoreOthersLessMe.

Rather than fill up my Instagram with photos of me and my shenanigans, I’m dedicating some time to focus on the people I am surrounded by that encourage me to grow, make me a better person, and fill me up on a daily basis. Aka I want to showcase the wonderful humans that add value and purpose to my life.

The rules are simple. The picture must be taken intentionally for the project and must be less than 48 hours old. The subject of the picture gets to decide how/where/when the picture is taken, but their face must be in it. For each friend, a new set of three questions is thought up by my own mind and sent to them to ponder. Later, the answers are documented and the post is made.

Maybe no one else cares about this at all. Maybe they’re simply pictures with a really lengthy caption. But to me, it’s an opportunity to reflect on those who surround me and lift me up. And I can only hope that it’s seen as the token of love and gratitude for my friends that it is.

I’ve interviewed three people so far and they can be found on my Instagram @junicolini.

I’m really excited about this! I love hearing the answers and seeing the pictures and it feels so warm and good.



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