what is okay

Hi. I’m here this evening because this is what I’ve been thinking:

It’s okay.

It’s okay to feel stressed right now. I don’t know about you but I’ve got a lot of exams and assignments coming up. Hello, midterms! The stress is real and the panic is okay. There’s a power in even the heaviest of trudge through this time. Truly.

It’s okay to wonder what the hell is going on in your life. Things not going quite the way you expected? Great! Things going better than you could have ever even anticipated? Wahoo! Either way, you’re killing it at this whole life thing. If you plan on waking up tomorrow with open arms, ready to see wherever the day will take you, then I applaud you.

It’s okay to feel small and not enough. Yeah, that’s okay. What’s not okay is to swallow that and believe it. Because it’s not true. But you’ve gotta feel things sometimes before you can actually figure them out. That being said, if this is what you’re feeling tonight, please understand that you are 100%, forever and always, capable and significant and ready. For whatever. I guarantee that.

It’s okay to feel immense, uncontrollable joy. If you need to stand up from your spot in the library or kitchen table and stretch and allow that vibration of goodness run from your head to your toes, then I beg you to do that.

It’s okay to feel disconnected. School’s not feeling so right this semester? Friendship in a pickle? No clue what’s going on in your own life? That’s OKAY. Actually! There are seasons of understanding and seasons of fear or no return. I get that. And to be honest, it’s really sucky. But it’s worth it. And you can get through it.

It’s okay to do what makes you happy. It’s not selfish. It’s not stupid. It’s necessary for your well-being. If it fills you up, if it makes you better, if it helps you breathe, do it. End of story.

It’s okay to ask for help. It’s okay to talk it out to someone. I understand entirely how terrifying it is to lay it all out there. I do. It’s also incredibly frustrating to sometimes find the words to actually convey your thoughts. That’s normally where I end up struggling. But listen, whether you realize this or not, there is someone in your life that can actually translate all your rambling. And they can stand with you and love you.

It’s okay to be that person for someone else, too.

It’s okay to feel different. We’re all so beautiful and unique. Fear of judgement is real and strong, but you are authentic. Share share share. Please.

It’s okay to still feel strange.

It’s okay, you wonderful human being.

You’ve got this. I’m cheering for you.

Love (really),


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