Today I sat in the hot tub after my swim and did some thinking. Tuesdays are my busiest day of the week and normally are full of lab and assignments and an entire day of classes, not to mention, tomorrow I have an exam!

However, as I sat there, I thought about ways to break down what I needed to do tonight. I began to mentally sort it all into achievable chunks to ensure that I wouldn’t get stressed.

After making the decision to do that, I quickly realized that it wasn’t unmanageable at all. As a matter of fact, I feel comfortable using my time to write this because I’ve achieved what I really needed to.

It got me thinking about organization and about how there are some people I know that just really seem to have their lives together (keyword: seem). I played around with some ideas of what it would take for me to accomplish that too, but all of them seemed so draining.

Because here’s the thing, and I’m sure you’re already well aware but let’s reiterate: No one has it together.

No one!

Not even that kid that sits next to you in class that got an A on the first exam and you barely made it over the class average.

Not even that girl that is always dressed impeccably and has zero frizz in her hair.

Not even the owner of the Instagram account that uses the perfect filters.

Not even the athlete that is always faster than you.

We’re all such a mess and that’s really cool.

We all experience doubt in crippling ways and we all win some and lose some. We do. All of us.

It can be hard, I know, to accept that when you’ve always been cast as the “good one”. This works for just about any title to have ever existed and they normally all come with their own ridiculous, unfulfillable definitions:

The good student/child/friend/wife/boyfriend/lover/employee/intern/person… Yada yada yada, ya feel me?

None of those things actually exist. You are never one thing. We’re very dynamic and unstable and that’s messy and great. I hope deeply that you are not the same person tomorrow that you were today. I hope you’re not the same person now then you were this morning. Constantly constantly constantly we are being molded and shaped and changed by what we experience, if we allow it.

So how can we ever have it truly “together”? Who knows what will happen tomorrow! Your entire world can change and you’re not going to want your arms busied trying to have it “together”.

You’ll want them open. Wide. Palms up. Ready to embrace whatever life throws at you next.

Brace yourself.





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