Hi, I’m coming at you live from our AirBnB in Cusco.

The lights are off and my energy is still strangely high because life’s just so good.

Like ridiculously, incredibly, brings-me-to-tears good.

And the only thing I can ever think to say in the moment is “I’m so happy right now.” And I also think that’s enough.

Acknowledgment and appreciation for what is going on around me.

This quote stuck out to me again today in particular because I truly find it to be beautiful and moving.

Peru has been and will continue to be life changing.

My legs are more sore, my face is more burnt, and my heart is more full than they have been in a long time. 

Peru hasn’t exceeded or underserved my expectations that I had for it.

Instead, it’s been entirely different than I could’ve ever imagined.

And I’m so in love with that.

I am so happy right now.




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