Ear and voice. 

I’ve been thinking a lot about he importance of community.

Of having people, or even a person, to go to and just be honest with.

Don’t get me wrong, I really really struggle with the willingness to tell people how I’m really feeling. I create all these lies in my head about why I shouldn’t and I fall for them.

However, if you’re lucky enough, you’ll find people that love you enough to make you comfortable enough to tell them.

And whether or not you have that, you can still always be that person. And that’s awesome to me.

None of us are okay 100% of the time. Not a single person! We could all use someone to lean on, or someone to listen. 

For the sake of being nonhypocritical, let me make it clear that this IS easier said than done.

But go for it.

Take a risk and use your voice. Or just be a listener today. Either way, love on those around you so hard because they are all probably so rad.

I know my people are.



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