fast forward

All I’ve been wanting to do lately is fast forward. To finals, to the end of a work shift, to the summer, to next semester, to having a healed leg.

And if you know me, you know that I struggle with impatience.

However, I just don’t want to do that anymore. It’s giving me a headache and I’m missing out on some of the best moments.

I’m a firm believer that life comes at you in seasons; let me tell you, this season is wack.

As I’ve said before, it’s a whole lot of what in the world kind of thoughts.

Anyway, I want to feel more of the now, even if I am anticipating something in the future.

So here’s how I’ll start: Today as I walked to class the sun was shining in the most beautiful way. Shadows were cast just right and the temperature was stellar. The dress I’m wearing makes me feel like I belong to spring. And I have a huge cup of hazelnut coffee.

Life is good.

And complicated and unclear, but always good.

So today I want to notice more. I want to engage more. I want to stop wishing for things to speed up and go past.

I’ll just let it happen now.

Feliz jueves!


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