what tri means to me: a love letter of sorts 

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the sport of triathlon lately and the three pieces that encompass it: swim, bike, run.

You don’t understand the amount of time I’ve spent mourning my injury and the disappointment I feel when I still can’t run.

You don’t understand how triathlon helped shape me into who I am today and the life lessons I’ve taken away from it.

You don’t understand the experiences of pure joy and pure hurt that this sport has brought me.

You might not understand that, for me, this never has been and never will be about speed and winning. To be honest, it’s about me.

That being said, you also have no idea the immense love I’ve felt for the people triathlon has brought me: a love that far surpasses anything that a successful, pain free long run could ever bring me. 

The memories I’ve made through training, races, socials, and life long friendships will never escape me.

I can’t always put into words the overwhelming feeling that I sometimes experiences when I think about these types of things.

Being injured sucks and it breaks me. Being slow is normally frustrating for many reasons.

But at the end of the day, it’s truly wonderful: the feeling of improving yourself. And nothing, not a 1st place trophy to a PR, can outshine the adventures and people that I have swam/biked/ran my way into.

I’m not the fastest, strongest, or best. But I love my people and this sport a whole awful lot and I think that’s enough.



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