glorification of stress: a s/o to my fellow collegiate kids

^^yeah, what the heck is that about. 
Here in college-land, hell week is upon us and finals are approaching. This is the time of year when students start (if they haven’t already been) pulling all-nighters, drinking coffee & redbull cocktails, taking focus-enhancing drugs that I never remember the name of, and ultimately making sure everyone understands how stressed they are.

But why? 

My freshman year this felt like a rite of passage. I was officially a college student and would live up the glory of these stressful times. And that was fine. 

I’ve never been a perfectionist or a pre-med student, so grades and exams have never affected me the way they do for others. However, I cannot help but notice that this time of year people feel proud of their stress. 

I’ve met people pulling all-nighters for an exam that they didn’t need to take (because a 97 and a 98 still just come to an A). I’ve known people that started drinking coffee just to stay up late in the PCL scene. Speaking of which, I’ve witnessed students stay in the PCL (our library) for more than 12 hours, eating only once their entire time there. 

And for what? A grade?

Trust me, I get it. I’ve done all of these things. I, too, have barely passed classes in which only studying hard enough for a miracle on the final has saved me (genetics & biochem, I’m looking at you.) I. GET. IT.

I know you may feel legit walking into a study session with baggy eyes and a large coffee in hand and no sleep in the last 2 days. You probably feel like a super committed student. 

And maybe you are! But, if you’re honest or like me, you secretly know that you’re just sacrificing your own health and happiness to join in on this weird season of the year.

Studying is valuable and learning is awesome. I am by no means advocating winging it for your finals (although I typically do tbh). Rather, please do it in away that is healthy for you in every single aspect.

Have you eaten enough? Slept enough? Drank enough water? Have you noticed the Christmas lights going up around town? Have you spent time taking care of yourself?

Trust me, sleeping 9 hours, taking a shower, or cooking yourself a nice, wholesome meal, will do more for your mind and ultimately your grade than that cramming session will.

Spending time with the people you love in a jovial, warm, uplifting setting will settle your heart more than any grade will.

Maybe this is easy for me to say because, like I said, I’m not going to med school or grad school. 

But listen up. I’m doing this life thing too. 

So this is my reminder to my fellow college peeps! Your life, like the parts that include everything but school, are equally as important as your GPA if not more. 

Go on a walk. Wear something that makes you feel confident. Eat a warm, hearty meal that’s not fast food. Drink water. Go to a light show. Cover your windows and sleep like a rock.

You deserve it. Not after finals, but right now. 

Stress is terrible terrible terrible for you and your health. 

You’re a champion and you know better. Or if you didn’t, you do now.

If you’re procrastinating by reading this then bravo! You’re my hero!

Now get outside. The leaves are changing and you just can’t miss that.



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