Gratitude practice. 

Today was my last day of PT! Woooooo! I’ve been going for probably 8 weeks and I’ve worked really hard to follow instructions. But today I was deemed good to go! Yay!

Last night I was running (love love love love) and listening to Kelly Roberts’ podcast, Run Selfie Repeat. In it she was discussing celebrating the little things when you’re working towards a fitness goal and how starting out from the beginning can be really difficult but so amazing.

Well, after injuring myself at the Austin Marathon in 2015, I’ve been constantly injured. I never gave my body the rest it needed and it bit me in the ass for that.

Throughout the process of dealing with injuries, I started to get bitter and frustrated and then eventually just sort of gave up. 

Obviously the universe hated me and that’s why I could never get better. 

I acted as though the universe was being unfair and that I was owed better.

But last night, after slowly but surely getting back into running the last few weeks, it clicked in me. 

I’m ridiculously lucky to run. No matter how fast or far. It’s not about the numbers. It’s about the running.

And I’m so grateful to be running any amount whatsoever.

So I decided that I needed to practice acknowledging that gratitude more often and here we are!

Patrick came with me to Clark at 8 pm last night and did work while I ran a wonderful, beautiful two miles on an otherwise soul-sucking track! There were a lot of rugby dudez. Like a lot. So many quads and short shorts. 

I loved the run. I love to run!

Feeling mighty fine these days. How about you?

Much love,


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