the most beautiful 5k

Today was beautiful. Today I ran the Paramount 5k at the Austin Marathon and it was painfree and joyful and wonderful and so much fun.

I listened to music and podcasts and just truly enjoyed every moment of it.

I teared about multiple times as I ran. I was by no means racing, just simply running and having the time of my life. 
I was overwhelmingly thankful to be running at all. 

I was alone at the race and it felt so peaceful. I felt at home in my running shoes. Love.

Not to mention, after the race I walked home and got a bagel and drank a lot of coffee and just straight up chilled.

It’s been phenomenal.

I hope your Sunday has been amazing as well. This week has crazy, spectacular things that lie ahead!

Much love,



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  1. So happy you’re back to running pain-free! I just finished my first half (and wanted to die)! Mad respect girl!

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