entirely enough

Sometimes I have to remind myself of things. Like washing my clothes, grabbing the parking pass, using up some wilting spinach. Trivial things.

But lately, so close to graduation, all the sudden I’ve started to worry if I’ve made the right choices. People are going to fancy grad schools and getting jobs that will actually pay their rent. They’re doing things I’m not doing and it can’t help but make me stop and think “am I doing the right things?”

Yes. Yes, I am doing enough. I am doing what will fill me up in the most challenging, passionate, terrifying wonderful ways.

And you are too. Regardless of what happens next. Are you graduating? Moving? Making a major life choice? None of the above? Doesn’t matter. You’re doing this and it’s enough. You can rest in the peace of knowing that it’s enough and you’re enough.

In a world constantly pushing for more – more knowledge, more action, more more more more – accepting where you are is scary. Why would you “settle” when someone may be pushing harder?

Because you’re where you’re supposed to be. Plant your feet there and soak it in. Your view is pretty dang beautiful. It’s unique and yours alone. 

You don’t have to jump any ropes. There’s no bar you need to meet. Go at it. Wholeheartedly. Unapologetically.

Be kind. To others and yourself. Fill your space with love. Forgive even when you still hate. Sometimes it all sucks. But sometimes it doesn’t. Those sometimes win.

The sun will shine brightest for those who turn their face towards it.