Hot dang. The last week has been quite the whirlwind.

Last Tuesday, Patrick and I left to go to his parents’ house in Alabama where we stayed for a couple days. We went shopping and went to the beach and ate a lot of delicious food. It was also a welcome break between so much driving.


We left at 6 am on Friday morning and it was quite the road trip… Let’s just say that food poisoning + a 14 hour road trip do not pair well. After a grueling 20 hours in the car (+ a stop in Decatur, GA for our fav burrito place), we (aka I desperately pleaded for the sake of my body) stopped at a hotel 90 miles from our final destination. Y’all, I am all for honesty and being real so let me say this: I had never been more fearful for my intestines.

The world was my litter box that day.

Anyway, we eventually rolled into Arlington on Saturday afternoon and after some frustrating encounters with the concierge at our apartment complex, we finally got into our apartment. I was still feeling sick and so exhausted, so we walked to buy some groceries and came home.

Groceries are so expensive here. People. Guacamole cost $8. I die. Also, sweet potatoes for $2.99/lb. Girl, bye. HEB for life.

Erica got into town on Saturday night and Patrick picked her up from the airport because I was still suffering from the ill fate of a Publix sub sandwich.

Sunday was my birthday! It included lots of walking (so much walking here. driving/parking is impossible and it’s just not worth it to take the metro), food, and exploring. 22 has been pretty great so far!

Today was an adventure in more grocery shopping aka trying to figure out what would be the cheapest. Turns out Whole Foods produce is cheaper than Safeway. F you, Safeway. $2.99/lb of golden delicious apples? That ish is $1.14/lb at HEB. HEB HEB HEB HEB HEB!!!!

Poor Northeasteners. You’re all getting majorly ripped off.

We also rode around many of the monuments which was as crazy as you could imagine. Patrick starts work tomorrow (I start next week) so Erica and I are going to explore some more bike trails around where I live!

Life has been absolutely whack, but good. Arlington is so different from Austin, but I am learning pretty quickly. I have been overwhelmed multiple times and have cried. #noshame

What will tomorrow bring?!







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