June 2k17 Photo Dump

I’m not really in the mood to write, so instead I’ve gathered the few pictures I’ve taken the last couple weeks and will elaborate on each one! #lazy

The other week I was craving Chinese food like no ones business. Lucky for me, there’s a restaurant right by our house! We got take out because, again, #lazy. It was delicious and I 100% felt like I was in a Friends episode.

Two Fridays ago Patrick met me by my work and we planned to go listen to some jazz in the park! Unfortunately there was a loooong line to get in and jazz is not important enough to me to wait in line so we ventured around the city!

Patrick used to h8 iced coffee, but he tried this nitro cold brew at work one day and raved about it so we went and got some one Saturday! You know it’s legit when they don’t add ice. We probably should’ve split one because it felt uber caffeinated and I thought my head was going to explode!

I was searching for some good trails to run on (for the softer impact) and finally found some! So far I’m loving the trails on Teddy Roosevelt Island, the Potomac Heritage trail, and the C&O Canal (because it reminds me of Lady Bird Lake)!

A pizza place by our apartment has 50% off pizza on Mondays and it was awesome. We got two big pizzas and had leftovers for the rest of the week! Muy delicioso.

Union Square! I call the metro “the train” but turns out this is an actual train station so I need to get my ish together and not look like more of a tourist than I actually am.

Last week the dairy industry hosted an ice cream social and it was awesome. Duh.

On Saturday we went to the American History museum and then to the Sculpture Garden to beat the heat. I would’ve swam in the fountain because I was so hot but feet splashing was the only acceptable option. 

Post C&O Canal run! I’m running again!! Being very careful and mindful of my form but it’s awesome. It’s hot here though!

Post-run burgers. All the yes.

Out somewhere near Marshall, VA. It’s a rural area we go to to ride bikes! It’s beautiful and hilly and there’s an incredible bakery in the town. See below!

Iced coffee & a chocolate croissant from said delicious bakery! Apparently Obama says they make “darn good pie”. I’d believe it. Their flatbreads are also 💯.

Just more C&O Canal. It’s so easy to zone out and just enjoy the run.
Well that’s all folks! Happy Monday!



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