our weekend 

This weekend was busy. I’ve fallen asleep on the couch multiple times, but that’s nothing that a hot shower and the need to do laundry couldn’t fix.

^How we do grocery shopping. Trader Joe’s in a mile away and I refuse to carry bags that far so we shove it all into backpacks.

This weekend Patrick told me he had never had an espresso drink before. Ever. To be fair, the man didn’t start drinking covfefe until January 2016 (thanks to me). We went to Commonwealth before going to Costco and he was pleased! 

We went to Arlington National Cemetary which was cool and sad and we ended up walking many more miles than anticipated. 

We got home and made dinner and then I took a nap before I ran. I was exhausted and honestly probably could’ve slept through the night, but patrick encouraged me to get out there. It was 4 miles on the plan for yesterday and it went well! Plus I was in my new running shoes! Wheeee!

Today started bright and early to go ride bikes. I woke up at 5:30 and something possessed me to get up and take a picture of the sunrise and then fall back asleep for 30 more minutes. 

#snacks. I miss the Team Snacks Slow Your Roll rides, so I’m doing them in spirit!

I hammocked for an hour waiting for patrick to finish and listened to Stuff You Should Know and RadioLab. This list popped into my head at some point too. 

When patrick finally finished we drove a town over so that we could get coffee! I got a ginger peach Italian soda and patrick got an espresso macchiato (two espresso drinks in 24 years of life and he’s already talking about buying an espresso machine). 

“Tastes like dirt. Good dirt!”

Finally we stopped at a Walmart because I had found that they sold Topo Chico at a few in Virginia! It wasn’t in the water section so patrick was bummed, but I (the brains of this entire ordeal) suggested checking the “Hispanic foods” aisle and voila! Topo Chico! Patrick says it makes him very, strangely happy and reminds him of home. 

When we finally got home I slept on the couch and am now sipping wine while patrick folds clothes.

Ah the life.

Happy week ahead!


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